2021 Christmas Mini Sets

Cozy Christmas and Classic Christmas

Both sets will be available for all Studio Christmas Minis

Christmas Minis 2022

Tips for the Day of:


  • Lay out everything the day before and make sure everything fits
  • Treat it like a fun family outing
  • Try to keep little ones on their usual schedule
  • Don't use their energy up trying to get smiling before you leave, on the way over or leading up to the session. Let them store up their energy even in the hallway. Like us, they can only 'turn it on/perform' for so long.
  • Please do not bring tablet or other electronic devices
  • Please, please feed everyone before coming.
  • During the session, I can get most little ones to smile without screaming or overwhelming them with noise and toys. The more people screaming and jumping the harder it is to get a great photo.
  • Leave extra family members at home or in the car.
  • Save treats, snacks or bribes for after the session. Not during.
  • Please no food or snacks during the session.
  • Keep phones and other melt down inducing objects out of sight
  • Give yourself and your family extra grace on photo day. You are perfect just as you are.