2021 Christmas Mini Sets

Cozy Christmas and Classic Christmas

Both sets will be available for all Studio Christmas Minis

Tips for the Day of:

  • Nap your little ones as long as you can and in their own beds.
    If not, leave early and try to nap them as long as you can on the car
    ride over, let them sleep. Wake them up at the very last moment.
  • Don't use their energy up trying to get them smiling on the way over or
    leading up to the session, let them store up their energy.
  • Avoid tv and electronics, kids are Often more agitated after watching screens.
  • Feed everyone before coming.
  • Please leave extra family members at home or in the car.
  • Arrive fully dressed, hair bows and all, so we can dive right in
  • When not in the shot please don't stand behind me or over my shoulder.
    You'll always be best at your little ones side, helping them to feel comfortable.